Monday, November 22, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Week Three Recap

Woops, I forgot to do this last night, and forgot again this morning. So let's all pretend that this isn't a day late.

Let's also pretend my landmarks are not all a day late. You see, this week, there have been two days this week where I haven't written at all. And another two where I haven't met my word count goal. Somehow, miraculously, I did not let that get me much behind schedule. I am still on track, I'm just no longer ahead. It seems that week three was feast-or-famine week for me. I've had two 3k days, and I'm progressing forward. I'm going to do what I can to do a BIG PUSH this upcoming week, and see if I can't finish NaNo by the 27th.

It's become very clear to me, over this week, that Only Make Believe is not going to be finished by November 30th. The 50k will be (I'm determined that it will be!) but the story wont. I'm at 37k, and it's November (in-story-timeline, not just real-life). If the story goes according to plan, it will finish on June 7th. I don't think I can' do a 6-month decent into insanity, in the course of 13k, and 7 more days. Especially when you consider that I also have to follow Amy (Sarah's sister, who turned into a main character by surprise) through a pregnancy. Pregnancy wasn't my plan when I started this story, and I have never been pregnant myself. It's going to take a little more research.

Regardless, I'm still excited about the story. I started to worry, last week, about whether I was going to get sick of my story by the end of November, but my love for it came back full force. I can do this. I will do this.

Let's kick some NaNoWriMo ass!


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